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Impact of social structure on teams of collaborating autonomous vehicles
The objective of this research is to determine whether social interactions and social structures can be used to improve the performance of teams of autonomous vehicles trying to achieve a common goal.
Evolving the goal priorities of autonomous agents
The objective of this research is to design a multi-agent control system that allows the agents to intelligently decide how to handle prioritizing and combine the actions from multiple, conflicting goals.
NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies Artificial Life Simulation (NEATALS)
This program was written for Dr. Stanley's NeuroEvolution class (CAP6938) in the Spring of 2006. The goals were to create a complex artificial life simulation where creatures, controlled by neural networks evolved using NEAT methodologies, would compete for food while avoiding environmental hazards (poisonous food, turrets, etc.) Users should be hopefully be able to see the creatures getting smarter as natural selection weeds out the unfit individuals. The main goal is to have fun!
Sensor network simulation
For this project, a Java-based simulator was written that allows the user to explore sensing strategies for a sensor network working together to monitor various signal transmitters. The code is easily extensible, allowing the programmer to add new strategies for the sensors and emitters.