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The following videos were taken with a microscope and a Ken-a-vision Pupil Cam microscope camera. Most of the videos aren't great, but the baby amano shrimp video is pretty unique. Thanks to Google Video for hosting these.

This short video shows a small worm found in my aquarium. I'm assuming they're harmless, and probably a good supply of food for the fish when I forget to feed them.

Here's another creature lurking in my fishtank. I believe this to be a paramecium. Who knows what else could be living in the rocks and filter of my tank?
Amano shrimp are excellent algae eaters and are great for planted tanks. Unfortunately, they need brackish water in order to reproduce. The females have a rediculous amount of eggs, and I guess they do hatch without salt water, because every once in a while I'll see these little, verticle shrimp looking things floating around in the tank. They never live long enough to get much bigger than this though.

This is actually a close up of Conway's Game of Life. To make the video, I placed the microscope cam right next to the monitor.
I don't know why, but I thought it would be a good idea to see what an LED looks like under a microscope. Well, it's not very exciting.